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Are you struggling with various health issues that are keeping you from experiencing a life overflowing with vibrant health? Have low energy, excessive weight, chronic fatigue, imbalanced hormones or body aches and pains robbed you of doing the things that you enjoy the most? Like me, you stare in the mirror and wonder if you will ever feel good again…


Hi, I'm Rekishia. I’m a mom, honorably retired Air Force veteran, award-winning author, social worker and Christian Alternative Medicine provider. For 7 years, I tried to increase my energy, lose weight and balance my hormones through conventional medicine and quite honestly nothing worked. 


Chronic fatigue had me taking hours to get out of bed and visits to the doctors only led to prescription upon prescription to ease the symptoms – a never-ending cycle that left me feeling worse, not better…I was even told “it’s all in your head…”


I finally realized that if I was going to find freedom in my health, I needed to understand alternative medicine and how it could increase my energy levels to help me to feel good again.


I created a plan that fits ME. A simple strategy that I could actually stick with. A lifestyle that made health easy and fun. And I'm ready to share it with you!


If you are ready to finally find a simple plan that is based on alternative medicine, that is designed for Christian women to experience undeniable results like: more energy, reversed illness, weight and fat loss, regulated hormones, improved mood and better sleep so you can live, look and feel better…contact me for a free consultation.

Integrative Medicine for Energy, Health, Weight Loss and Hormone Balance
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