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Space for Her is my annual signature holistic health conference and is sponsored by my non-profit, Living Well 4 Life Foundation . The Space for Her conference encourages women to invest in themselves and each other as they claim their own space in the world. Space for her provides resources and connections to help women achieve emotional, physical, spiritual and professional balance. This special event has been recognized by the Governor of New Jersey and other State officials.

Space for Her Conference 2021

Photos 2021

Breaking New Ground in Trenton, NJ empowering and equipping women in body, soul and spirit. 

Space for Her Crew
Stephaine Nobles-Beans and Karen Ford
Women at Work
Rekishia L. McMillan
Breaking New Ground
Kristie Kennedy
Being Transformed
Space for Her Hybrid Event
Karen Ford on Breaking New Ground
Financial Resources to Break New Ground
Michelle Mayfield, Stephaine Nobles-Beans and Rekishia McMillan
Nick & Jamie with Healing Teas
Sharing Healing Teas
Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit with Teas
Teas for Health
Audrey Welber-Laufferty Playing Gospel Jazz
Live Gospel Jazz
Candid Conversations
Kristie Kennedy and Michelle Mayfield
My Fellow Health Advocates with Healing Teas
Space for Her
My Book Rocking Your World Naturally
Karen Ford on Financial Breakthrough
Kristie Kennedy Breaking New Ground
Me and my Mother Stephaine Nobles-Beans
Kristie Kennedy Founder of Queenfidence
Stephy Nobles-Beans on Writing Your Book
helping women in our community

Sonia Allen, Rekishia McMillan & Stephy Nobles Beans

Rekishia McMillan and Karen Ford
Rekishia McMillan with community partner to help women
Rekishia McMillan and Michelle Mayfield
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