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Space for Her Conference 2022

Space for Her is my annual signature holistic health conference sponsored by my non-profit, Living Well 4 Life Foundation. The Space for Her conference encourages women to invest in themselves and each other as they claim their own space in the world. Space for her provides resources and connections to help women achieve emotional, physical, spiritual and professional balance. This special event was recognized by the Governor of New Jersey for the second year in a row.  Read the Press Release here.

Integrative Medicine for Energy, Health, Weight Loss and Hormone Balance

Photos 2022

This year, the Space for Her Conference theme of Breaking New Ground continued in Bridgeton, NJ at All The Nations church. The conference was truly a time of deep inner healing. We experienced true sisterhood as we prayed, laughed and cried together. These photos highlight some of the powerful "Breakthrough" moments that we experienced. 

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