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If you are interested in becoming my client, please send me an e-mail and tell me a little about yourself and the major health concerns you want to improve. You can also call me for a free 15-minute telephone consultation (848) 212-8125. I specialize in women's holistic health for weight loss, energy, natural medicine and hormones. 

After choosing to work with me, I’ll obtain information from you to create a secure client account through Simple Practice. Upon completion a registration link will be sent to you via secure email to complete required forms.

Simple Practice gives you convenient, secure, 24-hour 
access to your records to help you manage and receive important health information.

Simple Practice allows you to:


  • Communicate electronically and securely with me

  • View your upcoming and past appointments

  • Conduct secure appointments via Telehealth

  • See your test results

  • And more!

Making an appointment

I find it more personal and efficient to handle my schedule. So, you will reach me directly when requesting an appointment.

My schedule runs about 4 weeks in advance, though 
I can place you on a cancellation waitlist if it's urgent.

Your first appointment

The initial intake phone assessment/consultation is 60-minutes. During our first appointment, I will get to know you, ask additional questions, and share some initial ideas and approaches. On rare occasions, if you require only a simple consult or second opinion, one visit is enough.


Insurance is not accepted for my 3-in-1 coaching programs.  Coaching program costs are paid in full prior to beginning via my coaching web site based upon your program at You should make this payment within 48 hours to hold your appointment time. Payment options may be available depending on your situation.  

Following our 1st appointment

I will develop a comprehensive, personalized plan for you, including suggestions for additional testing if required. I will advise you of what I think is ideal for you, and then we will proceed at the pace you feel most comfortable.

Contact Method

I will respond to a quick email question at no charge. We will then communicate as needed by setting up a formal appointment to assess how you feel, about your progress, obstacles etc.

Simple Practice Secure Video

I provide you with your own personal Simple Practice link for our work together. Please store it for use.


I suggest only medically endorsed pharmaceutical-grade products. I work diligently to ensure that you are only prescribed medical supplementation that you need. If you already have some favorite product you use, I can evaluate them and see if they will be sufficient.

My Books

I encourage you to read my award-winning books: Rock Your World Naturally: 7 Divine Keys to Unlock Extraordinary Health and the companion journal, 28-Days and Beyond Wellness Journal so you have an idea of my approach to integrative health



(848) 212-8125 (confidential voicemail)

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