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In my award-winning book, I uncover and define 7 Divine Keys to Unlock Extraordinary  Health. Delivered with a blended biblical approach, and tinged with scientific health research, it  assists readers with learning more about their body and the improvements needed to achieve greater health.

As revealed in the scriptures, Leviticus 17:11b states, "...the life of all creatures is in the blood."  Because the life of the blood is the requisite for excellent health, the predominant theme of this book rests upon this premise. Maintaining the health of the bloodstream is the crux upon which all the 7 Divine Keys to Unlock Extraordinary Health hinge.

I share my own personal health journey and the frustration I experienced with the complexities of the healthcare system. 

Over time, I  discovered natural medicine and holistic health as effective methods for weight loss, increased energy and balanced hormones. By putting these same strategies to use, you too can experience vibrant health and renewed energy that will Rock Your World Naturally. 

Proceeds from my books go towards my non-profit organization, Living Well 4 Life Foundation to support women and veteran women programs.

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“Rock and roll,” “solid as a rock” and “the hand that rocks the cradle (rules the world)” are each well-known phrases. Rock Your World Naturally is one to know for wellness. Authored by veteran and visionary wellness evangelist Rekishia McMillan, Rock Your World Naturally is an inspiring, creative and ambitious blend of food for thought and the body. You will be intrigued by Rekishia's commentary on concepts like Bio-Individuality, GIGO, BYOBW and “our first medicine,” which she supplements with sacred scriptures to showcase a divine link to health."  
~ Danny Girton, Founder of FitnessVRoom


"I am a fan. A veteran, a student of the scriptures. Rekishia aligns bibical text with body, soul and mind for healing and life balance. The application of the natural to rock your world truly works."


~Wynndies Nobles, Health Enthusiast and Business Owner 

"I just got this book and can't put it down! The insight and parallels between God's word and our health are inspiring and unique. Implementing this into my life will FINALLY help me get my health in balance with my personal development goals. A must for someone serious in getting a natural healthy body to enable you to achieve your purpose in his kingdom." 

~ Richard P., US Army Veteran

This author is knowledgeable, empowering, wise, insightful and motivating! Beyond that, she engages you deeply with her authenticity...she’s genuine from the opening cover.

I highly recommend the book!

C. Reiser, Health Champion 

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