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It's Your World VIP Coaching Experience

It's Your World VIP Coaching Experience

One-day 5 Hour coaching strategy session 


This program is a VIP coaching experience conducted in person, in your home over the course of half a day – I come to you! There are no long coaching commitments and no travel hassle.


This one-day mini-retreat will be completely devoted to your body and soul transformation. You will walk away from this half-day not just with a plan to do stuff, but significant, TANGIBLE RESULTS in your home, your body and your life.

Here's What You'll Receive in this Program: 

1.  An in-depth 5-hour transformation day with me, where we’ll accomplish the following:

  • We will dive into all areas of your life – including the foods you’re eating, your immediate environment, the thoughts you are thinking, the challenges and resistance you have to attaining and maintaining your ideal body, and all the beliefs and knowledge you have around what you should eat – and as a result, get closer to your goals, and more ease and pleasure in your life than you can imagine.

  • Gorgeous Groceries Fresh To You – to inspire you to discover and embrace the foods that “love you back.”

  • Discover the hidden “food frauds” – these are foods that are commonly deemed “healthy” but actually may be the very culprits that make you gain weight – especially in your belly!

  • Makeover your pantry and fill your fridge with your new high energy clean foods that fill you up physically, emotionally and spiritually (I guarantee this will change the way you eat forever – and it doesn’t have to take up all your time!)

  • 2-3 easy hands on cooking demonstration.

  • Energizing delicious lunch with me – no more food coma, belly bloat or mid-day slump!

  • Guided visualization to meet your ideal body and to get clear on who you want to be.

  • Learn breathing techniques you can use anywhere, anytime to heal your body at the cellular level.  

  • Design your very own healthy lifestyle plan for results that last so you don’t fall into the same old food ruts when your with family, on the go, traveling, or out with friends.

  • Discover how the metabolic power of pleasure can transform your body and life in a very short period of time and why this is the missing key ingredients in all other “diets.”

  • Get real! Put into action your plan in the context of your busy lifestyle so you know exactly what to do after our mini-retreat to live in your divine health over the next few months and years to come.

2.  Post-session homework assignments and customized checklists to get you into  IMMEDIATE action.

3.  One 30-minute accountability session scheduled within 30 days of your VIP day, to celebrate, answer any questions and refine your Rock Your World Naturally lifestyle plan.


As a part of your package, you'll also include these extra juicy bonuses!


  • My signature books, Rock Your World Naturally and 28-Days and Beyond Wellness companion journal

  • A personalized care package with all you need to keep your world balanced and aligned (Value $100)

  • Are you ready to Rock Your World Naturally, body soul and spirit and design your new Rock Your World Naturally Lifestyle Plan? 

Total Health Investment $500.00

Yes Rekishia, I'm Ready!

One-time $500.00 payment 

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