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RYWN Episode 58: Exclusive Interview Featuring Trish Jenkins, 3x Author & Professional Speaker

Trish Jenkins never expected doing her job would land her in prison! After unwittingly working for a fraudulent fund manager, this Australian wife, mother and church leader was ripped away from her young family, to live with society’s broken and despised criminals. In this exclusive interview, Trish shares how she learned more in 8 months in prison than in her 20 years in the business world, about resilience, adapting to change, and leadership. In a place of spiritual darkness, Trish walked in faith. While often paying a high price for it, she more often saw miracles. The strongest prison bars are in your head.

Today Trish is an author and professional speaker who works with companies who want to build resilient leaders and teams, who are brave and adaptable to change in a unpredictable world! She also ministers to church and faith groups on how to see Romans 8:28 manifest so that God makes all things work together for your good.

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Trish Jenkins, 3x Author & Professional Speaker

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