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RYWN Episode 49: Featuring Juli Realy, Certified Happy for No Reason Trainer & Sound Therapist

Is it possible to find joy even in the midst of COVID19? In this interview, I had the pleasure of hosting Certified Happy for No Reason Trainer and Sound Therapist Juli Realy, discussing how God wants us to be happy, whole and healthy, in spite of COVID19. Juli was a horse trainer, stable owner, and equine science instructor for three decades. She became ill in 2015 and could no longer meet the physical demands of her career. She retired, and after some training, she started to facilitate drumming events and art parties part-time. She also continued with music ministry leading a contemporary and children’s choirs.

Juli has discovered the universal formulas that underscore the modalities she teaches on the path of personal growth and transformation. Her personal story of overcoming injury, depression, anxiety and chronic pain accentuates the light she brings to all her joy-filled workshops and private coaching.

Listen. Apply. Transform.

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Juli Realy, Certified Happy for No Reason Trainer & Sound Therapist

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