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Overcoming Burnout: Featuring Lesley Tait Award-Winning Author &Wellness Coach (Episode 81)

On this episode, I had the opportunity interview Personal Performance Coach, Emotional Wellness Coach, Award-winning author and founder of Her Supreme Self, Lesley Tait. About three years ago, she became ill, physically & mentally. Lesley shares that she wasn’t sleeping well, experienced mood swings, was short tempered, as she desperately tried to juggle everything that life was throwing at her. In addition, she as holding down a demanding corporate job. Lesley was unable to cope at work and found herself getting nervous and anxious, which caused her to doubt herself and lose her confidence. She no longer recognized who she was and kept questioning what I have become?

Lesley describes her mind and body and giving up. She came to the point of being unable to leave her house because of the mental and physical exhaustion she experienced. This was her turning point. Lesley sought out therapy and hired a coach. The experience impacted her in such a way that she became sharp mentally and physically recovered her health. The resulted in her receiving a promotion as her job was restructuring. She pivoted her career and left her job of 17 years and retrained as a personal performance coach and a wellbeing coach. Through her personal experience, she helps women realize that success and stress don’t go hand in hand and that it’s possible to navigate life’s demands with ease, balance & control. Lesley is passionate about helping women ton their journey of empowerment, transformation and harmonizing the life that they’ve always desired.

Listen. Apply. Transform.

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Lesley Tait: Personal Performance Coach, Emotional Wellness Coach,

Award-Winning Author and Founder of Her Supreme Self

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