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RYWN PODCAST EPISODE 40: Your Words, Health & the Mind-Body Connection

In this exclusive interview I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Denise Williams. Dr. Williams is a business coach for professionals, an educator, psychotherapist, and most recently, the author of her inspiring work, “Wellspring of Words.”

She started her career as a Change Management consultant. Within this capacity, she delivered educational solutions to business leaders, and simultaneously began a career in education, teaching the next generation of leaders and providing practical application for succeeding in a work setting.

Dr. Williams shares that she finds her greatest fulfillment in using a behavior framework to help people solve personal problems and make progress in their lives. Her relationship with God has helped her to frame a lot of experiences and gives her hope and great optimism in her work. Her new book, Wellspring of Words is an extension of this work.

Listen. Apply. Transform.

Click here to listen to this Podcast

Dr. Denise Williams, Professional Business Coach, Educator, Psychotherapist, and Author of Her Inspiring Work,

Wellspring of Words

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Request a signed copy of Wellspring of Words by contacting Dr. Williams at

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