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Holy Yoga: Featuring Amy Walton Award-Winning Author, Speaker, & Founder of Holy Ground (Episode 80)

In this exclusive interview, Rekishia L. McMillan, aka, "The Total Health Coach" interview Amy Walton. Amy grew up in a town of 2,500 in NC. Her late father was a prisoner of war in WW II and survived the infamous Bataan Death March. Nearly every family in her little town was a blue collar family, and hers was no different. Her parents provided a supportive environment where they were very involved in church and community.

She graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and was the first graduate of the School of Education to be chosen as one of the university's 20 Outstanding Seniors. She met her husband in college, they married a few years later. They brought two wonderful boys into this world, but sadly, her husband and his father were killed at sea in 1993, leaving her to raise my little boys by herself. Her husband's body was never found. This happened 4.5 years after he was hit head on by a loaded dump truck on a Georgia highway, costing him his right leg and a year of recovery. Amy describes those as very challenging times.

Amy has devoted her life to serving her family and to serve through her work and community involvement. Her careers have included public school and junior college teaching, working for a major daily newspaper, and serving as a nonprofit development director. She has held president's and chair positions for organizations and boards, has been published hundreds of times, and speaks regularly. These days, she is involved in business and ministry through coaching, writing, teaching yoga, and speaking to groups. Her greatest joys in life are serving God and her family, which includes my two adult sons and three granddaughters, who reside in Hawaii. Amy has also published stories in the bestselling "Cup of Comfort" series, written cover stories for magazines, and has been an op-ed columnist for a daily newspaper.

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Amy Walton Award-Winning Author, Speaker,

Owner & Founder of Holy Ground

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