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3 Natural Alternatives to Treat Fibroids

Just as women are facing health issues now, women also faced health issues all throughout the bible. There was a woman with an issue of blood as recorded in the Bible. It records that she was diseased with an issue of for blood twelve years (Matthew 9:20). Jesus the compassionate healer, transformed this woman’s entire life with one touch. Healing can come in many different ways. God can work a miracle, He can use those in the medical profession and He can also use elements from the earth that contain His life-giving and healing power.

Fibroids are growths that affect the breasts or uterus in women. Excessive estrogen or an under active thyroid are the main causes of fibroids in women. Rather than resorting to surgery to reverse this condition, the recommendation is to consider alternatives such as nutrition and herbal medicine and natural therapy. In this show, you'll learn about 3 safe and alternative ways to help reduce the risk, as well as reverse fibroids.

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