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RYWN Podcast Episode 31: Exclusive Interview with Clarissa, Kristjanson, Internationally Recognized

Clarissa Kristjanson is an internationally recognized Menopause Transition Specialist. In this exclusive interview, she shares her many years of experience of how she works with and supports women during perimenopause. She is a Certified Mindfulness practitioner and 3rd Age Women's Health Coach, a yoga nidra teacher and holds a diploma in Food as Medicine and holds a a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Her 28 year tenure in corporate as a senior leader has helped her to gain personal insight into how menopause can impact a women’s confidence, well-being and ability to thrive in both their personal and professional life. She is the author the international best seller The Mindful Menopause which has sold 1000’s of copies in it’s first year of release.

Listen. Apply. Transform.

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Clarissa, Kristjanson, Internationally Recognized Menopause Transition Specialist

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The Mindful Menopause

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