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RYWN Podcast Episode 30: Exclusive Interview with Faith Zember, Discussing Forgiveness and the Legac

In this exclusive interview, Faith Zember discusses forgiveness, and overcoming grief, and how her faith in God makes all of this possible. On June 1, 2019, her 15 year-old daughter Lily Kelly was tragically killed when the car she riding in was hit by a drunk driver. In the days that followed, a song emerged that Lily had written and recorded just months before. Faith talks openly about how family and friends have found comfort in Lily’s original song, “I AM,” which tells of her close relationship with Jesus and her thorough understanding of His character. Wise beyond her years, Lily knew that her calling and purpose was to share God’s love through the gifts He had given her, through music, through her voice, returning His gifts back to Him in song. Lily had just completed her freshman year at Calvary Chapel Murrieta High School in southern California, where she played volleyball and softball, and served on her school’s student council. She enjoyed photography, sketching, and was passionate about music. She played guitar and piano and led worship at both church and school. Lily’s heart for service was set to make an international imprint in late June when she would participate in a mission’s trip to Ethiopia where her commitment to spreading the love and hope of God through service and song would be shared. But before she could board the plane, the Lord called her home. With the release of the single, “I AM,” Lily’s legacy lives on. “Lily would want nothing more through this than for everyone to seek Jesus. For Lily’s life to be a legacy of His goodness, hope and love, that would be exactly what He put her here for.”

Listen. Apply. Transform.

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Watch "I AM" Written and Sung by Lily Kelly

“I AM” is available at all major digital outlets, including iTunes, Google Play and Spotify

Discover More About Lily's Legacy at the Following Websites

Instagram: @LiveLikeLilyKelly

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