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RYWN Podcast Episode 25: Exclusive Interview with Kristie Kennedy, TEDx Speaker, Author and Owner of

Kristie Kennedy is a TEDx Speaker, Author and the owner of Queenfidence Executive Image Consulting, who empowers timid women with confidence and clarity keys to FIND their voice, FREE their voice and look FAB*YOU*LOUS exercising their voice. She is skilled in four areas of peak performance: mindset mastery, massive momentum, magnetic messaging and potential maximization.

If you’re tired of settling for less than you deserve, struggling to make two ends meet and sinking beneath your purpose, power and potential, in this exclusive interview, Kristie shares how Queenfidence will ignite your internal fire to reach higher.

Think for a moment...can you envision your best self-standing on a mountain top of magnificence? Take a closer look and re-imagine a world beyond glass ceilings as you glide with grace on the wings of limitless possibilities. The world is your runway! We’ve been waiting for you to razzle and dazzle our hearts because what is life without SPARKLE?

Small steps create BIG impact and the moment you decide to change there is nothing that can hold you back. Your courage to rise is, living proof of what’s possible, being happy takes guts and you can play by the rules you write.

Kristie wants you to know that now is the time to say yes to your dreams, yes to more than you can conceive, yes to your future, yes to love, yes to health, yes to success, yes to limitless opportunities, yes to the best, yes to elevation, yes to freedom, yes to positivity, yes to strength, yes to beauty, yes to wholeness, yes to abundance, yes to imagination, yes to healing, yes to truth, yes to happiness, yes to worthiness, yes to brilliance, yes to destiny, yes to YOU! SEE it, SAY it, SEIZE it and SOAR into more than ever before.

As you listen to this interview, you will surely hear Kristie's passion for igniting leaders who have reached an internal plateau with limitless possibilities. She is a Certified Emotional Resilience Trainer whose thought-provoking teaching style elevates your self-perception from stuck to unstoppable. Her life is a testament that you can shift from mediocrity to magnificence one audacious action step at a time.

Listen. Apply. Transform.

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Kristie Kennedy TEDx Speaker, Author & Owner of

Queenfidence Executive Image Consulting

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Get Your Copy of Kristie's New Self Empowerment Book Queenfidence 70 Days of Reign An Inner Guide to Transform Your Life => here

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