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RYWN Podcast Episode 16: Exclusive Interview with Brandi Cunningham, Author of “Expel the Jezebel in

Pastors Brandi & Robyn Cunningham of Fireside Grace Ministries

Are you or someone that you know of experiencing unexplained sickness, anxiety, forgetfulness, spiritual stagnation, insomnia, financial attacks, multiple accidents and unusual incidents? If so, the root cause may stem from the spirit of Jezebel. In this exclusive interview, Pastor Brandi Cunningham shares how unresolved emotional traumas caused by church leadership or past personal experiences open the door for the spirit of Jezebel to wreak havoc in our marriages, families, churches and communities.

She opens up about her own painful experience and how her book, “Expel the Jezebel in Me,” was birthed from this. In addition, she guides individuals through a 30-day course to help heal soul wounds that have been caused by the Jezebel spirit. The book and course are timely resources that every pastor or church leader can use to develop and raise up healthy disciples who are equipped to carry out Kingdom assignments in these End Times.

Listen. Apply. Transform.

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