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RYWN Podcast Episode 12: Exclusive Interview with Lisa Kafer, Founder of a Clean Food, Clean You

Lisa Kafer, Founder of a Clean Food, Clean You

Lisa Kafer is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach who has dedicated her life to helping others. In this exclusive interview, she shares how her work is instrumental in bettering the lives of her clients by coaching them in the areas of clean eating, detoxing and weight loss. She's written numerous published articles on various 'clean food' topics as well as being featured on several news segments for local area television shows.

Lisa is a devoted wife and mother residing in Southwest Missouri amidst a happy farm full of animals. She's passionate about helping those around her live healthy and happy. She values her small town community and enjoys working with local family owned farms and businesses. She's active in a wide network of healers and helpers and is ever pursuant of information to share. Helping people is at the root of everything she does, and it's because of this passion that she's expanded her business, written her book, and has taken to the internet to spread the word about clean eating and inspire better living to a broader range of people. In her spare time (when that occasionally happens) she enjoys riding horses, photography, and relaxed family time.

Listen. Apply. Transform.

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