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10 Ways to Rock Your World Naturally with Lemon Water

Have you ever noticed the effect that the smell of fresh lemons has on your mood? Not only does the fresh scent of lemons elevate and brighten your spirit, this popular fruit also has several healing properties such as, warding off infection, healing dry skin, balancing pH levels and more.

1. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which helps the body fight against immune system deficiencies

2. Drinking warm lemon water daily early in the morning and right before bed helps flush out toxins

3. Excellent source for potassium, calcium, citric acid, phosphorus and magnesium

4. Lemons naturally balance and maintain the pH levels in the body

5. Lemons are a wonderful healing agent for hair, scalp, nails and skin

6. Lemons reduce pain and inflammation in joints and knees

7. Very beneficial for colon health and also serves as a powerful antibacterial

8. Lemons help to prevent the growth of unhealthy bacteria that cause infections and diseases

9. It is a natural cure for the common cold

10. Naturally whitens and brightens teeth

Try It Out for Yourself

In the morning prior to eating anything, start out by drinking 8 ounces of plain warmed lemon water. Squeeze the juice from one fresh whole lemon into spring water that has been warmed on the stove. Make sure that the water is not too hot to drink, but just warm enough to drink. Drinking warm lemon water early in the morning stimulates your lymphatic system to flush out toxins that have accumulated in your lymph glands, colon and bladder. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes after drinking the lemon water to give your body time to reap the full benefits of the lemons water.

It is important to note that lemon juice alone can weaken your tooth enamel. It's a good practice to drink warm lemon water through a BPA-free straw or bamboo straw to prevent the lemon juice from touching your teeth. Be sure to rinse your mouth out thoroughly with plain water after drinking warm lemon water.

7 Day Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? For the next 7 days, incorporate drinking warm lemon water every morning into your day. After 7 days be sure to share some of the benefits that you experienced with me on Facebook.

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