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Do you want to change your diet, develop new healthy habits or establish a regular exercise routine? Maybe you struggle with constipation and digestive issues, or perhaps you are burned out, stressed and tired. Maybe you are a chronic dieter, overeater or binge eater and you feel out of control around food. If you are looking for support to help you create healthy habits for a life time, I provide a number of physical health strategies individually and in a group setting.   I find that some clients only need one or a few specific keys to jumpstart their health to set them in the right direction. Below are some health strategies that I've assisted client's with to unlock extraordinary health.  You can visit my Kingdom School of Health to review program options.   

  • Post COVID-19 health maintenance 

  • Detoxification protocol 

  • Uterine fibroid health protocol

  • Hormonal imbalance assessment

  • Sleep regiment protocol

  • Blood Type Wellness plan 

  • Immune system booting protocol

  • Vitamins and minerals assessment

  • Autoimmune disorder assessment

  • Culinary medicine health 

  • Automatic Negative Thoughts & faith

  • Food preparation and healthy meals

  • Hydrotherapy protocol 

  • Improving mood with food

  • Breathwork protocol

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