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Quality Products

These health companies exceed industry standards and provide pharmaceutical-grade quality products. I use products from these companies for my personal health, my family's health and for my clients. 

Essential Oils 

100% Therapeutic Grade wellness products for you and your family

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Essential Oils are mentioned in the Bible 600 times and were used for cleansing, healing and during times of worship. Pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way women are managing their health by harnessing God's most powerful healing elements. Click here.

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Holistic Care

On a mission to help women get better

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Through Fullscript you'll receive personalized prescriptions and review for changes as needed. You may also purchase discount essential oils, certain foods and personal hygiene products. Create a free account and receive reminders on your cellphone. Click here to learn more about Fullscript.

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Spiritual Health 

Largest selection of Bibles, music, books, gifts and resources.

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Christian Book Distributors provides an enormous selection at excellent value with strong customer service & support. Grow your Christian faith with a wide range of books and more. Click here

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Herbal Remedies

High-quality natural products and solutions for women's health

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I partner with Wei Laboratories to provide my clients with herbal protocols specific to their needs. To order products you can call Customer Service free at 888-919-1188 (United States and Canada) or 408-970-8700 (International) and let them know you are my patient. Products will be drop shipped directly to your home. 

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Food is Medicine

Your Blood Type matters

Eat Right 4 Your Type.PNG

According to Leviticus 17:11b, "the life, strength, vitality and health of all living creatures is found within the blood." The Blood Type Diet, founded by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, confirms this scripture and is your key to understanding the mysteries of health including disease, longevity and vitality. You can order blood type specific supplements and products to take you health to the next level. Click here.

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All Day Slimming Tea

All Day Slimming Tea helps you feel great all day long & sleep better during the night

All Day Slimming Tea.png

Slimming Teas are powerful  for supporting healthy weight loss & detox, digestion and better sleep. Instead of a typical weight loss supplement that is full of dangerous ingredients and chemicals. The All Day Slimming Teas are delicious 100% natural teas, based on the traditional tea recipe that has made Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica one of the healthiest places in the world, where people's lifespan is almost 90.  Click here to start drinking it today and you'll experience amazing benefits like over 18,761 people already have!

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