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Career Coaching

I believe part of having a successful 30-year career myself is sharing what I have learned with women who are just starting out or those who are making a necessary career change.

I work alongside women to clearly define your vision and goals for the short, middle, and long term, as well as identify strategies and specific tasks that will ultimately result in your success. Along the way, I have discovered that acknowledging your God-given strengths, talents and creative vision, makes space for you to experience personal growth and professional fulfillment.

I have taught on the collegiate level on various subjects; psychology, health, nutrition, leadership development, public speaking, fitness and stress management. My career has spanned in a myriad of arenas to include, Federal government as an honorably retired Air Force veteran, church administration, clinical care delivery, intensive veteran case management, policy development, Local and State government, disaster recovery, Nonprofit program development, volunteering abroad, for-profit start up and consulting, research and publishing in various venues.


I coach and support you to overcome obstacles and to find purpose and meaning through your work.

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